ECN Capital Corp 6.5% Cumulative Preferred Stock Series A (ECN.PR.A)

Type: Cumulative PERP/CALL 5-Year Fixed Reset
Is Perpetual: Yes
Is Convertible into common: No.
Call Date: 12/31/2021. Call Price: 25
Exchange: Toronto TSX; Currency: CAD;
Industry: Diversified Financial Services

Dividend and Yield Info

Coupon: 6.5%. Resets to 5-Year Canada bond yield + 5.44% on 12/31/2021
New dividend forecast: 5.44% based on % benchmark yield

Dividend Type: Regular Cash
Dividend: CAD 0.52979. Dividend Frequency: Quarter
Ex Dividend: 3/16/2017. Dividend Pay Date: 3/31/2017

Issuance Info

Issued on: 11/23/2016
Par Value: CAD 25
Shares Outstanding: 4,000,000
Ratings – DBRS: Pfd-3L

About ECN Capital Corp

Legal Name: ECN Capital Corp
Country: CANADA
Private Company: No
Website: www.elementcorp.com
Sector: Diversified Financial Services
Market Cap: 1B
Address: 161 Bay St Suite 3600
                  TORONTO, ON M5J 2T3

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Company News

stockdio: ECN.PR.A
exchange: TSX
translatesymbol1: ECN A
translatesymbol2: ECN.PR.A