Morgan Stanley 5.85% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock Series K (MSpK)

Type: Non-Cumulative PERP/CALL
Is Perpetual: Yes
Is Convertible into common: No.
Call Date: 4/15/2027. Call Price: 25
Exchange: NYSE; Currency: USD;
Industry: Capital Markets

Dividend and Yield Info

Coupon: 5.85%. Resets to 3-Month US Libor + 3.491% on 4/15/2027
Dividend Type: Regular Cash
Dividend: USD 0.30469. Dividend Frequency: Quarter
Ex Dividend: 3/29/2017. Dividend Pay Date: 4/17/2017

Issuance Info

Issued on: 1/24/2017
Par Value: USD 25
Shares Outstanding: 40,000,000
Ratings – Moody: Ba1 Fitch: BB+ DBRS: BBBH S&P: BB

About Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) is an American multinational financial servicescorporation headquartered in the Morgan Stanley Building, Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Morgan Stanley operates in 24 countries and has more than 1300 offices and 60,000 employees. According to the Scorpio Partnership Global Private Banking Benchmark, the company had .454 trillion of assets under management (AUM) in 2014, an increase of 17.5% over its 2013 figure
Legal Name: Morgan Stanley
Private Company: No
Website: www.morganstanley.com
Investor Relations: sharon.yeshaya@morganstanley.com
Sector: Capital Markets
Market Cap: 79B
P/E Ratio: 14
Address: 1585 Broadway
                  NEW YORK, NY 10036
                  UNITED STATES

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    Company News

    stockdio: MS%5EK
    exchange: NYSENasdaq
    translatesymbol1: MS K
    translatesymbol2: MSpK